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Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Welcome to all you adventurers out there!

Whether you are a newbie adventurer or a veteran adventurer we want to provide answers to new questions and a fresh new look for those

who have been on their fair share of outings. Our aim is for this to be simple and straightforward because we all know it is no fun to read through pages of unnecessary fluff. So we will get straight to the point for you :)

We want to give you the research that we have found, the helpful tips and tricks that we have found from our own experiences. We want to make that you are focused on your next trip into the world without the stress that comes with the prep of it all. In order to do that, we feel the right equipment is very necessary. So we will be showing you in future blogs the features on packs of all sizes, how to use ropes on repelling, what clothing to use for future hikes or trips, and so much more. We will give you lots of pictures and videos because let’s be honest that's easier. We will have our favorite gear and equipment linked so you do not have to go searching for it.

We love quality products almost as much as we love going on adventures! So sit down, stop stressing so much about your next outing, and what to take, because we have you covered!

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