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Howdy, and welcome to our humble digital abode!


We're a motley crew of family adventurers who can't resist the call of the wild. Born and raised in Florida - land of gators, flamingoes, and an insatiable amount of sunscreen - we’ve always been fans of outdoor shenanigans. But, despite its sun-soaked charms, Florida isn't exactly a hotspot for daredevil climbing escapades (unless you count conquering an occasional sand dune or a rogue palm tree). And we were itching for some rock-solid adventure!

So, we ditched the flip-flops, traded in the beach umbrellas, and ventured out to find mountains that would have us gasping for breath (and not just from the climb). Our wild expeditions have taken us from flirting with frostbite at Everest Base Camp, to a cardio-intensive meet-and-greet with Mount Kilimanjaro, to tracing the footsteps of the Incas all the way to Machu Picchu. We’ve explored the nooks and crannies of state and national parks, often finding ourselves hanging off cliffs (literally, while rappelling) and squeezing through canyons.

Giving Back
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